Writing Services

I am here to help you achieve the results you want from your content initiatives. 

  1. Health care reporting on policy, products and programs particularly those benefitting older adults and their caregivers.
  2. Health content marketing writing for B2B or B2C businesses interested in:
  • Hospice and Palliative Care
  • Continuing care retirement communities (CCRC)
  • Addiction Medicine / Treatment of Substance Use Disorders
  • Optimal adult health and successful aging in place

Health Care Journalism

Health care evolves quickly and consumers deserve transparency regarding how that change affects their access, options and pocketbooks.

As a seasoned medical professional I understand what matters most to patients and families and therefore offer unique insights to editors and their audiences.

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Health Content Marketing Writing

When you need authoritative content marketing copy on health topics, you can rely on me.

I deliver accurate, well-sourced information that minimizes your editing time.

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