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Consumer Health Reporting

What My Clients Say

Aleah headshot

Aleah Wicks MS, L.Ac.

Acupuncturist, Author and Farm Owner

"Dow knows how to capture the attention of health care consumers. She renamed the nutritional health section of my newsletter and website. Linking directly to Wellevate, Medicinal Moments is now the most profitable part of my business."

the biltmore beacon

Melanie Threlkeld McConnell

Editor, The Biltmore Beacon

"Dow is a clean and tight writer who needs minimal editing and always meets her deadlines.  Her topics are interesting and appropriate for our readership.  Her work is an asset to our publication.”

Darya Borash

Project Coordinatior, Healthnews

"Dow is a very responsible and creative writer with a wide area of knowledge and expertise. She complements our team perfectly with her informative and greatly written articles. Her dedication towards writing is commendable as well as the level of reliability and trustworthiness she brings."