D. Dow Stick

Nurse Dow LLC was founded not only to help news editors and content managers reach their initiatives, but also in hopes of serving a larger audience with engaging health care information.

How will my writing business improve your brand?

--By listening intently and learning who your audience or customer is

--By engaging with your brand and understanding its value to consumers

--By bringing to your readers a trusted voice inherent in my profession 

What makes me an authority?

I have been a registered nurse (RN) for over 20 years and a family nurse practitioner (FNP) for five. As an eldercare specialist, I have expertise in the health maintenance and primary care needs of the older adult including hospice and palliative medicine. Other nursing experience that informs my work includes: medical and surgical oncology, alternative and complementary medicine, substance use disorders and treatment, long-term care and case management.

I grew up in a medical family. Having an RN and two physicians as grandparents, I learned early on about altruism and the privilege of educating others about their health. The picture above is of a great aunt's nursing class in the 1920s

I have undergraduate degrees in biology and English and a Master of Science in Nursing. I am a member of the Association of Health Care Journalists (AHCJ).